I divide my creative time between Portland, Oregon and the central Oregon coast in Yachats. I have had the same studio assistant for 26 years now; his name is Austin and he is an Umbrella cockatoo. He is mostly happy and content to be wherever I am and can only hang with me as long as he uses his indoor voice. 


I have forever known two things in my life to be true; I love to think creatively and I love to work with my hands.
In 1997, I made the transition from working in glass to designing and producing ceramics full-time.
All of my designs are hand built from a mid-range white clay body and then hand painted using underglazes. I enjoy the hand building process because clay is so flexible and forgiving and will do just about anything you want, especially if you are patient. Hand painting is more detailed and careful work for me. This stage is rewarding because it is when I begin to see my ideas come to life.
I like to depict animals and people in colorful and whimsical ways. I often incorporate words, sayings and proverbs when I can't resist.
I could live forever fulfilled creating clay objects that are always food safe, mostly functional and consistently curious.